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High end website customization development service

Although there are many people building websites now, the construction of websites is not achieved overnight. We must have good technology and comparison Better process. Only by making good preparations can we avoid problems. Here is our website development outsourcing service technical process.

1. website construction application: the customer applies for website construction

1) : customers put forward basic requirements for website construction;

2) : provide relevant text and picture materials: company profile, product pictures and service information, project description, website Basic functional requirements and basic design requirements of the station.

2. formulation of scheme: formulation of website construction scheme

1) : both parties negotiate, modify and supplement the website construction content to reach a consensus;

2) : develop a customized website construction scheme;

3) : both parties shall determine the specific details and prices of the construction scheme.

3. signing agreement: signing agreement on website development outsourcing service

1) : both parties sign the website construction outsourcing contract and determine the customer to pay the advance payment;

2) : the customer provides the relevant content materials of the website;

3) : the customer designates a special person to maintain communication with the website design company, which is conducive to the development and design.

4. complete the sample draft: determine the website design

1) : complete the design of the first draft of the website according to the website construction scheme: website home page diagram, website architecture diagram, website channel, home page style, etc;

2) : the customer reviews and confirms the first draft design;

3) : we have completed the design and production of the whole website.

5. website construction and customized development

1) : after the first draft design of the website is determined, we will build the background program at the same time;

2) : complete the overall website production.

6. customer signature: website test and customer acceptance

1) : the customer carries out the website acceptance according to the agreement;

2) : if the acceptance is qualified, the customer shall confirm and sign a written document;

3) : the customer pays the balance and the website is opened;

7. post maintenance: post maintenance and update of website information

1) : submit the website maintenance agreement to the customer;

2) : the website maintains and updates the customer's website in accordance with the relevant terms of the website construction agreement and website maintenance agreement.


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