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SaaS software customization is outsourcing development service

The process of SaaS information construction and software development of enterprises is to develop tools, but its purpose is to help users achieve the business purpose they want to achieve. In the industry, it is often the case that users know their own business very well, but they are not familiar with the characteristics of SaaS information system. Especially at the beginning, they are not clear about the implementation process and results.

As a customized software company, our software development outsourcing service team will be in the early planning and demand collection stage of the project. The most important part of the success of the project should be in the front end. First, we should learn from customers, fully understand users' business processes, and deeply understand the business objectives that customers want the project to achieve. Carry out consultation and analysis around these premises to find the correct entry point and SaaS system development direction.

At the same time, it also takes full account of the current actual situation of users, the existing application system, the acceptance of employees or users, the usability of SaaS system, long-term business objectives, long-term information planning, and consistency with internal superior leadership departments.

Our customized SaaS system process:

1. Project start-up stage

It is mainly to prepare for implementation. The SaaS engineer project team will hold a meeting to determine the members of the project team, determine the plan and objectives of the project, and establish the SaaS system environment necessary for implementation.

2. Research and analysis stage

Before starting the system implementation, the SaaS project implementation team conducts detailed investigation and Analysis on the existing application systems of the customer company, and determines the target business process according to the specific situation of the enterprise and the characteristics of information management. Conduct demand research on users at all levels. Combined with the actual situation of software product and technology development, plan and design a detailed SaaS software program development outsourcing solution and confirm it as the basis of design and development.

3. system development stage

According to the results of investigation and analysis, complete the system design, coding, testing andFinal SaaS system development of the software.

After the system development is completed, the software implementation enters the substantive stage. The SaaS project engineer technical team should complete a lot of specific work with the cooperation of relevant departments and personnel, such as data analysis and import, system setting, personnel training, establishment of rules and regulations, implementation of document archiving, modification, etc. Software users, especially key users, must master the operation and application of relevant functional modules during this period, so that they can use the software independently after the formal operation of SaaS system.

4. commissioning stage

After the SaaS system project implementation phase, each SaaS module and the entire system need to be commissioned for a period of time to make sure that the SaaS software can run well in the enterprise and achieve the expected results. At the same time, the system shall be adjusted according to the software problems found in the trial operation stage.

5. System switching / formal operation

After the trial operation stage, after being sure that the SaaS software can officially start running, the system needs to be switched, the enterprise officially switches to the new business process, and carries out the daily business processing of the enterprise on the software. So far, the development and outsourcing implementation of SaaS software system has been fully completed and entered the later maintenance stage.

We provide unparalleled Internet digital system integration, development and customization services for our customers' projects through exquisite software customization development technology and expertise. We have selected application development work of various complexity for companies seeking to use SaaS.

Whether our customers are start-ups or large enterprises, we can provide reliable and scalable SaaS system development solutions with multi language and multi platform use and customer applications that meet strict technical standards.


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