OA development


OA software system development and customization service

We have been committed to developing OA software customization outsourcing services that are closest to the needs of customers, and have developed a series of OA software that 100% meet the needs of users.

The logistics industry, manufacturing industry, chain sales industry, foreign trade industry, public relations service industry, automobile sales industry, etc. all have the footprints of our OA system.

From the perspective of customers, strict quality control of OA product software development and considerate after-sales service have won unanimous praise from customers.


Convenience: system can be used on mobile phones, computers and tablets to truly realize collaborative work anytime, anywhere.

Efficiency: different work tasks and reminders are gathered in one place. Let customers know at a glance, no longer looking around, no longer missing.

Personal: in addition to providing standardized products, Gaorui OA software allows customers to Modify and customize or completely re customize to 100% meet the needs of customers.

Easy to use: intelligent design, foolproof operation, easy to use, can use the Internet.

Security: multiple encryption, multiple data backup, so that customers' data will never be disclosed or lost.

Function: customize the development function according to the company's situation to make the software fully applicable to the company's needs.

As a leading technology OA software company, it has rich technology development outsourcing team resources and provides the most practical and most suitable products, so that customers can use them with confidence and worry.


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