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Professional B2C E-commerce mall system development and customization service

With the increasing progress of science and technology, information technology and the in-depth development of the Internet, the current global e-commerce development is in full swing In recent years, more and more global enterprises have taken e-commerce as the main means of trade. E-commerce has become an important means of trade between enterprises, between enterprises and individuals An important way of dealing between individuals.

B2C and B2B e-commerce platforms are classified into comprehensive B2C, B2B, vertical B2C, B2B, traditional production enterprise network direct selling B2C, B2B

Third party trading platform type B2C, B2B website, traditional retailer online sales type B2C, pure online business, etc.

The functions of B2C and B2B e-commerce platforms mainly include:

1. Website background management:

It mainly includes: commodity classification management, commodity management, commodity attributes and specifications, user comments, commodity brands, and standards Signing management, promotion management, payment management, order management, member management, template management, content management, express delivery Management, operation analysis management, store management, system permissions and settings, etc

2. Membership Center

It mainly includes: Member registration, member login, password retrieval, receiving address, order management, message comment, I Micro store, fund management, points management, personal information management, SNS, application management, etc

3. Website front desk

It mainly includes: website search, website home page, product list, product details, product comments, brand list, website Station information, SNS, store recommendation, commodity recommendation, shopping cart, order payment, commodity group purchase, promotional activities Points mall, etc E-commerce has developed for many years, and the users have become more mature. Whether the user experience of the website is excellent, whether the interface is beautiful and functional Whether it is powerful and efficient will greatly affect the fate of users and the success or failure of e-commerce. Therefore, an excellent E-commerce system becomes very important.

We have professional B2C and B2B e-commerce platform development companies to help global customers provide e-commerce system development services from the aspects of design ability, technical ability, customer reputation, number of cases, service response ability, etc.

Our engineers' technical development ability is outstanding in terms of system function, scalability, system performance and business system integration. Their understanding of e-commerce business, SEO optimization, performance optimization, load balancing and other technologies have reached a certain depth.


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