How can we find a reliable company when setting up a website

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if an enterprise establishes a website, do not find a website construction company on Taobao. They are mostly individuals and small studios, using templates. Working for more than 10 years, with good performance and many excellent cases;; This is the first time that the market has been recognized. For the second case, it is very good and has strong explanatory ability. Especially for the website case


, here are some suggestions for website construction:

1. Do a good job in "image engineering"

at the beginning of website construction, it is not necessary to completely match your product in design style, but at least you should work in this direction. Even if your website simply tells others that the product is about to be released, you still have reason to build a visual impact network


. 2. It is very important to allow users to register


to collect information about website visitors. During the website design process, the registration module should be more visible so that visitors will have the impulse to register as soon as they see it.


regularly release some product messages to registered users and invite them to participate in product testing. For those early users who support your product, remember to email them and thank them ·

3. The early website of SEO

is reasonably built, which is completely conducive to SEO optimization and search engine optimization. Easier access to customers Unreasonable website construction and SEO optimization in the later stage are very difficult to do and are not easy to be included by search engines.

4. Product

of course, the website is only a subsidiary of the product (unless the product is a website). The key is to talk about your product. Maybe your product is still in the development stage and has many good functions. You can still tell visitors the selling points of your products.






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