how to make H5 page production stand out

time:2022-05-25 / click:55 / author:Newroute software development

enterprises if they want to make their H5 website stand out among many peer websites, then in terms of optimization, they should screen out the distinctive columns of the website and some columns that users like on the PC client according to the existing columns of the website. In the process of H5 page construction, enterprises should pay attention to several points in web page design and website optimization:

I. reasonable layout of web pages

like PC websites, H5 page design should also reasonably plan the layout of web pages, so that it can display more content on the limited interface. Designers should investigate the H5 web page, and then make comprehensive statistics according to the page display of different mobile phone models, and then hand the statistical data to the web page producers to complete the development of the H5 website. At the same time, they should consider the appearance of PC functions and other contents displayed on the H5 website, and can not ignore the problem of compatibility. If possible, it is suggested to design the H5 web page with adaptive width, so that when users start the H5 page, the content will be displayed very smoothly.

II. Choice of website content


on the premise of respecting the user experience, enterprises should choose the content of the website and do not copy all the website content on the PC to the H5 web page. H5 page design and PC should have their own characteristics, so that users can not only maintain their original habits, but also have some freshness. Enterprises also need to pay attention to the fact that advertisements should not be placed in a very conspicuous position, which will make users more disgusted.

III. the page of the website is concise. The web design of

H5 also needs simplicity first. Don't underestimate the problem of simplicity, which is easy to ignore. If the web page opened by mobile Internet is loaded slowly and there are many pictures, the user will immediately close the web page, which is the same principle as accessing the website on the PC. The slower the mobile client loads the website, the more mobile traffic and power will be consumed. Therefore, in order to make the website "open in seconds", it is necessary to keep the web page short and compact at the beginning of design.

IV. clear user navigation

as we all know, it is very troublesome to enter the website address and confirm the website navigation column because the mobile keyboard or virtual keyboard is inconvenient to use. Therefore, a clear and reasonable planning of website navigation is a very important step.

v. the short web address is more reasonable.

the short web address not only makes it easy for users to remember, but also makes it easier for users to search. We should consider the design and construction of the website from the perspective of users. Only in this way can we make the construction of marketing website play a greater value and give users the content they want.

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