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ERP system development and customization services

The process of choosing us to develop ERP system software customization generally includes system development preparation, system investigation, system analysis, system design, system implementation, system transformation, system operation and maintenance, system evaluation and other steps. According to the different factors such as the size, complexity, investment, mode and method of developing ERP system, the requirements and contents of each step are also different. Users need to make choices and plans according to the actual situation.

The development of enterprise ERP system is a systematic project. As a software outsourcing company, we must investigate the needs and problems of customers' business models before starting the development, and finally clarify the needs of users, especially the cooperative development and entrusted development. In order to ensure the quality of the system, designers must abide by the common design principles and try to improve various indicators of the system (system variability, reliability, work quality, work efficiency, economy, etc.).

ERP system is a complicated man-machine system. Changes in the external environment and internal factors of the system constantly affect the operation of the system. At this time, it is necessary to constantly improve the system to improve the efficiency and service level of the system.

The enterprise resource planning management system (ERP) outsourced by our company mainly solves the process design and system application of enterprises involved in production, operation and management business in the early stage. It includes the processing and analysis of data and information on production plan and production operation, supply and sales, warehouse, sales, financial interface and other businesses, so as to meet the requirements of information integration and high sharing, so as to realize the timely transmission and effective integration of the company's information resources and comprehensively improve the enterprise management level.

The application modules involved in ERP information system are as follows: departments involved: sales, finance, production, procurement, production planning, warehouse, workshop and other departments.

Use the network to integrate a large amount of business information of each department to achieve information sharing and rapid response. It solves the processing and analysis of data and information in business such as operation and production planning, production planning and production operations, supply and sales, warehouse, cost control and accounting, and business decision analysis, so as to meet the requirements of information integration and high sharing.

Solve the outstanding problems existing in the business process, further improve the work efficiency and production response speed, so as to improve the company's management, control, coordination ability and enterprise competitiveness as a whole.


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