What should enterprises be vigilant about when developing wechat apps

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With more and more enterprises involved in the development of small programs in Changsha,

has highlighted many problems. However, for enterprises that do not understand it, they are likely to fall into it, which will have a serious impact on small programs. In view of this, the science and technology editor of specially summarizes some of the most common problems and shares them with you below, hoping to help you warn when developing small programs.

prices are very low.

I believe that many enterprises will give priority to cooperation with companies with low prices when comparing small program development companies. This is human nature. However, there are many irresponsible development companies that blindly lower the price in response to the psychology of everyone. After signing the contract, they give the enterprise a very low-quality small program with almost no service. Therefore, the enterprise must be vigilant against the temptation of low prices.

customized variable template

some development companies say to enterprises that they are customized development applets, which are tailored specifically for enterprises, but in practice, they become template development. Because the cost of customized development is relatively high and the cycle is long, while the template development is relatively simple and the cost is low, which can save a lot of money for the development company. Therefore, when developing small programs, enterprises must pay attention to customization or template development.


have hidden costs. When


enterprises develop small programs, they also need to determine the cost of developing small programs. Because some development companies have low prices when signing contracts, but when small programs need after-sales, many fees will be involved, or the development companies will charge fees annually. It has not been made clear before that if you do not renew the applet, it will not work, and enterprises will be forced to continue to pay relevant fees. The source code of


belongs to


. Generally, the customized small programs are separate programs. The development company can package the source code to the enterprise, but the template is shared by many enterprises, so the development company will not provide it to the enterprise. If the enterprise has the source code, it can update and iterate the applet by itself. Without the source code, it is equivalent to leasing and can only be used without any modification and upgrade.


enterprises must understand these problems when choosing small program development companies, so that enterprises can choose better and more reliable development companies. Or to ensure that the enterprise can take these issues into account when signing the contract with the development company to avoid subsequent troubles. Otherwise, once you encounter an irresponsible development company, it will have a great impact on the effect of the applet.

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