how to evaluate the website construction plan after it is formulated

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now when it comes to website construction, everyone is no stranger. Many people also want to build their own websites. Before building a website, they need to make a plan. Many people may think that a good plan is OK. In fact, it is not. We still need to see whether this plan is feasible. Let's see how to evaluate the website construction plan after it is formulated?

I. market evaluation

regardless of the website in any field, we should consider the market in the field. Make statistical analysis and evaluation of the current market, and decide whether the website meets the market demand (market saturation, acceptance, whether there is blank) and whether there is a user base. Xiaobian believes that only by doing sufficient market research and evaluation can we better subdivide our own fields and further position ourselves.

II. Prospect evaluation

even if an industry has a certain market share, we should also consider the market prospect, whether it is bright or dark. Whether there are corresponding expectations to cope with changes in market prospects during the growth of the website. As the website construction, optimization and promotion, and marketing operation are a comprehensive medium and long-term process, and the market situation is changing rapidly, if we do not do a good job in the prospect evaluation, it is likely that the painstaking website will be eliminated soon, which will waste too much human, material and financial resources.


III. positioning evaluation

positioning is very important and difficult. If the positioning is good, you can get twice the result with half the effort, but the positioning is not easy to determine, and it is generally difficult to evaluate yourself objectively and correctly. Xiaobian suggested that we can find the positioning of our website from the perspective of a third-party company on the premise of understanding the market and prospect development.

IV. competitor evaluation

the evaluation of competitors mainly considers the strength analysis, investment and expenditure, website analysis and operation evaluation of competitors. If the competitive product analysis is done in place and more competitor evaluation is done, it can largely avoid detours and reduce the probability of being eroded or suppressed by competitors.

market research, analysis and competitor analysis are all work that takes time and energy; Website construction, maintenance and operation are projects that consume financial resources, manpower and time. It's impossible to make an unlimited budget.

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