color application skills of web page production in website construction

time:2022-05-25 / click:30 / author:Newroute software development

website is the element that users can feel at the first time when they open it. So how should we use it to attract users and enable users to further understand the content on the web page? The following small series will discuss the details of color application skills in web page production and design of website construction for you!

1. Scientifically use the hue transformation technology

when designing web pages, the colors we choose are usually not simple monochrome tones, which is not conducive to the color matching of web pages on the one hand, and the aesthetics is not high on the other hand, so we usually need to change the hues of these colors a little, such as introducing some transparency and increasing soft light, In some areas, increase the color depth, so that the color of the web page can become more flexible without looking dull. For example, the color of the button, the color on the menu bar and the main tone in the advertisement can be adjusted through such tone conversion to make the whole page look more comfortable.

2. Scientific color matching

usually users' cognition of color is basically similar, that is, they want to see clean and clean web pages. If there are many colors on a web page, coupled with various flashing special effects, and a small banner advertisement jumps in a variety of colors like neon lights, this kind of web page will make users feel very uncomfortable in the process of viewing, resulting in a very poor user experience.


3. add corresponding special effects. The increase of

special effects is not necessary. It is mainly combined with relevant application occasions and some special web pages, such as the pictures of some tourist attractions on some tourism websites. In order to make these pictures look more exquisite, it is necessary to design special effects, such as introducing shadow, line contrast or highlight, Of course, when displaying some products, you can also introduce some special effects processing skills to make the products more prominent and attract the attention of users. However, for the background color of the web page, it is generally not recommended to use special effects, which will make users feel that it is not conducive to displaying the core content.

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