factors that enterprises must consider in the construction of foreign trade websites

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1. Professional and credible aesthetic design

for foreign trade enterprises, it is best to refer to the websites of the world's top 500 enterprises more, with atmosphere simplicity as beauty, simplicity but not simplicity. Web design should consider the compatibility of various browsers, clear structure and on-site search system, so that customers can find the information they need more easily.

2. Statistical analysis that can not be ignored. The

enterprise website must have at least one access statistical system. If you don't know whether your website has users, how users find you, which country they are from, and so on, it is sad for an enterprise website because it doesn't play the role of a platform at all. We recommend a free statistical tool of Google: analytics. It is now fully open to registration, and may be the most powerful in the world within 10 years. Online customer service system allows foreign trade personnel to participate in the enterprise website platform.

3. Website access speed

foreign trade enterprise website construction servers must be placed in the United States. China's export bandwidth is very limited, which often makes many other countries inaccessible, which brings us trouble to a great extent. If it is foreign space, we don't have to worry about bandwidth restrictions. If an enterprise website using ASP or PHP is used, it is recommended to use cache caching technology and gzip compressed output technology in Apache to improve the speed.


4. Pay attention to the ranking on search engines and insist that SEO

SEO is not a strange topic. To have a good ranking, we must adhere to SEO. If an enterprise wants to have a high-quality search engine optimization level, it can consider setting up independent meta and Title Meta tags on all pages: the role of meta tags is to explain to the search engine what information your web page is about, that is, for search crawlers. Title is the title of the web page, that is, the top description of the browser. Especially for Google, many new web pages just grab this tag instead of the web content. Many enterprise websites have the same meta and title tags on all pages, or even no meta tags at all. In this way, many pages will be considered as duplicate pages by search engines and will not be included. The contents of

are relatively basic, which is also a problem that many foreign trade stations are easy to ignore. These are the basic steps of building the website, and there are many specific steps. However, if the enterprise considers these problems before building the website, the next thing will be easier to do.


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