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In order to develop and improve customers' satisfaction with the enterprise, more and more enterprises are implementing CRM customer relationship management system. It is very necessary for enterprises to maintain a good relationship with customers in the process of operation. The size of customer groups directly affects the overall income of enterprises. Therefore, it is most appropriate to implement CRM system to systematically manage customers.

The application of CRM customer relationship management system requires enterprises to take customers as the core, and then act according to their ability according to the development needs of enterprises. The most fundamental implementation of CRM system is to firmly grasp the core needs and think about problems from the perspective of customers, so as to win the interests of the largest customers.

The CRM customer relationship management system developed by our software development team has the following characteristics:

1. multi dimensional business opportunity management, customer portrait and follow-up process are clear at a glance.

Customer management: the customer base gathers various business opportunities. Customers can be collected from any channel. Each customer has its own information card. The customer stage, source, grouping, label, etc. are clear at a glance to build a customer portrait.

Label grouping: customer labels can quickly mark and find similar customers, quickly screen similar customers, and fine management.

Sales plan: according to the characteristics of customers, build customer follow-up strategies, formulate sales plans, and automatically remind them that no customer will be lost.

Sales progress: each communication with customers will be automatically recorded and a follow-up track will be generated. Each communication can be manually entered to master the follow-up status of each customer anytime, anywhere.

Customer turnover: management personnel can transfer customer resources according to internal needs, without worrying about the loss of customers of resigned personnel.

2. analyze the whole process sales data to easily control the enterprise performance.

Sales behavior management: sales call statistics can be checked in real time, the number, duration and ranking of calls can be seen at a glance, the sales work and diligence can be understood at any time, the best scripts and follow-up processes can be analyzed, and the sales ability of the whole team can be improved.

Sales performance management: intelligent sales funnel, which can view the customer stage, order amount, sales KPI target completion and ROI analysis in real time, and automatically present business opportunities and order management with charts.

3. multi scene interactive communication, efficient follow-up and acceleration of customer transaction.

Smart phone: it integrates external call modes such as landline, mobile phone, network line and cloud call, one key dialing, multi line switching and real-time recording of the process.

Telemarketing guard: identify the quality of numbers, filter invalid and risk numbers with big data, quickly screen customers and improve telephone efficiency.

Hang up SMS: after the telephone communication, the SMS will be automatically pushed, so that the sales can not stop, one more click and one more transaction opportunity.

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