Analyze which aspects of the applet users value most

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believes that many enterprises will consider users' views on small programs when developing small programs in Changsha, because only by fully respecting users' wishes, the developed small programs will be more in line with users' wishes, so that the effect of small programs will be better. Next, technology will talk to you about what aspects of small programs users generally value most, so that you can better develop small programs.

interface aesthetics

everyone has a love of beauty. When selecting small programs, users usually give priority to those with simple and beautiful interfaces, and give up those with messy and ugly interface designs. Therefore, when developing small programs, enterprises must first take into account the aesthetics of the interface, and try to design small programs that are in line with the user's aesthetics and attractive to users, so that they can be liked by users.

ease of use

when it comes to convenience, the applet itself has certain advantages, because it does not need to download and install, and does not occupy the memory of the mobile phone. It is very convenient for users to click and use. Of course, in order to make it really convenient for users to use, it is also necessary to ensure smooth access speed and easy understanding of functions and contents in the internal operation of the applet, so that users can quickly complete the operation and find the information they need in the shortest time.


requirements fit


of course, in order for users to truly recognize the applet, they also need the applet to meet the needs of users. Users will not fully trust the applet until their own needs are met. Therefore, when developing small programs, enterprises need to fully grasp the actual needs of users, and then develop functions and build content according to the needs of users, so as to ensure that small programs can be recognized by users.

service integrity whether the


applets can be recognized by users is also closely related to the services of enterprises. Many users will have many questions in the process of using the applets, so they will consult the enterprises. If the enterprise can respond positively and quickly help users answer their doubts, it will instantly improve users' favor for the applet and the enterprise. However, if the enterprise does not reply in time or has a bad attitude, users will be disgusted with the small program.


generally speaking, when developing small programs, enterprises need to first analyze the aspects of small programs that users value most, and then start the development work after drawing accurate conclusions. Only in this way can the developed small programs be more in line with users' wishes and more easily recognized by users. Otherwise, if the development of the small program does not conform to the user's wishes, the small program can only be doomed to failure.

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