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At the beginning of our app development, we focused on analyzing the five stages of technology development

1. Demand research stage: demand research and analysis, current specification analysis and reference standard analysis (the research on customer needs is a very important and key factor. The mobile app software suitable for customers will be customized through negotiation and communication. Each mobile app will become a profitable business mode, and a specific scheme will be submitted to the customer).

2. Code writing stage in the background of APP case system: project specification system design draft, project specification system Review.

3. Trial stage of APP application release: trial operation of project specification system and optimization of project specification system.

4. formal operation of APP software stage: formal release of project specification system and formal operation of project system.

5. operation and maintenance app stage: overall system operation and maintenance.

How do we develop apps? What are the processes?

1. App interface design and development:

It is necessary to brainstorm appropriate schemes and design concepts through customers' demands;Confirm the page style and determine the layout of the whole interface, the design of key sections, text and other designs GUI review, and finally determine the final scheme to prepare for the next process link.

2. Pay attention to the cutting code on the app development software:

First, write HTML background coding, optimize the design of the interface, test after the review of UI specification, and Customers search the feedback information of sub users through various contact methods, repair relevant points, optimize the process, and finally conduct the second test.

3. Publish app application and conduct tracking and monitoring:

After releasing the information, the mobile phone user operates the data, detects the information of each feedback channel at the same time, and performs data screening

The inspection report of the software submitted to the user after selection

4. Demand analysis of app development company:

Establish the business objectives of the other party through software production or research The direction of the brand, through the analysis of competitive products, finally make relevant reports, and analyze and make summary data reports together with the collected historical data. Select some users to experience the software, collect user habit reports and user experience reports, and finally produce requirements documents.

5. Prototype design of APP software:

Officially start the project of prototype design, draw the use flow chart, and make, review and modify the original simulation Type, and finally determine the interaction plan scheme through expert review, determine the interaction mode, modify the review, and complete the project through end-user test.


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